Poll Shows Voters Support Wind Tax Credit, Want More Wind Investment

(Washington, D.C.)—On Tuesday, April 26th, the Family Business Coalition (FBC) released a statewide poll showing that Oklahoma voters support a state wind tax credit and want more investment in wind power. Oklahoma is currently 4th nationally in wind power production.

A poll of 600 likely Oklahoma voters last month confirmed the following about public opinion surrounding wind power in the state:

  • Oklahoma voters want more wind power in the state, with 65% of voters feeling that 20% wind generated electricity (which is slightly more than is currently produced) is too little.
  • By a wide margin, Oklahoma voters feel the state should invest in wind energy each year, with 49% of voters feeling the state should invest more in wind energy each year and an additional 27% feeling the state should at least keep the current investment level. In total, more than three quarters of those polled think the tax credit should be maintained at current levels or even increased.
  • The Wind Energy Production Tax Credit enjoys broad support. 56% of those polled believe the credit is a good idea and 31% say it is a ‘very good’ This includes 69% of Democrats, 53% of Republicans, and 52% of Independents.

“It is clear that Oklahomans value wind production and believe that the state’s wind tax credit is working for the state,” said Palmer Schoening, Chairman of the Family Business Coalition. “Hopefully, Oklahoma lawmakers will listen to the voters and ensure the state’s wind energy tax credit keeps producing results for Oklahoma.”

Federal data shows that Oklahoma currently enjoys the nation’s lowest power rates, a fact helped in no small part by the state’s significant wind production. Oklahoma now obtains about a sixth of its electricity from wind power.

“The wind power in Oklahoma brought on by the state’s tax credit has helped keep down power rates, while other states have seen increases,” explained Schoening. “Those low power prices are good for Oklahoma family businesses and for all electricity customers that value savings.”

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