FBC Shines Light on Rural Broadband Access for Family Businesses and Farms


Washinton, DC — Today, Family Business Coalition Chairman Palmer Schoening announced his opposition to embattled FCC nominee Gigi Sohn. 

In a statement released to the media today, Schoening said: “Family owned and operated businesses depend on rural broadband to keep their businesses running and while significant strides have been made in closing the rural digital divide in recent years with broadband services, there is still important work to be done. Unfortunately nominee Sohn has made comments that show she does not take the issue seriously and will leave family businesses who still lack high speed internet access high and dry.” 

In a testimony to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Sohn stated that policymakers have “focused disproportionately on broadband deployment in rural areas of the United States.” Sohn also commented that nothing came from the government’s $50 billion investment into broadband accessibility in rural areas. These statements are troubling in light of the progress that has been made on rural broadband and given the continued need for expanded access in areas of the country that are too often overlooked.

Sohn’s past statements and actions suggest that she will likely focus overwhelmingly on urban areas that oftentimes already have accessibility in place and largely overlook rural areas with a high concentration of family farms and businesses. Getting the job done in today’s world requires instant access to the internet and FBC has worked consistently to encourage policy makers 

FBC is encouraging family businesses and farms in key states across the country to chime in to their elected officials. 

For press inquiries please contact Alex Ayers: Alex@familybusinesscoalition.org


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